Frequently asked questions

Where are the client's assets deposited ?

The assets of the clients are deposited at the custodian banks.
Addvision is exclusively entitled to manage the money.
The quality of the custodian banks defines the risk level for the client.
Indeed, we will help the client to choose the best custodian in terms of quality and price.

Does the client need to transfer his assets to work with Addvision ?

No, Addvision can work with any custodian bank that the client wishes.

Can Addvision withdraw cash from the client's accounts ?

Absolutely NOT !
Addvision has a mandate to manage or monitor the assets, but is not entitled to withdraw cash.

How is Addvision remunerated ?

Addvision is an independent firm remunerated by its clients fees. In order to avoid conflict of interests, we do not accept “kickbacks” or rebates from depositary banks of clients we manage, despite the fact that it is common practice in the industry.

Are there any penalties to revoke the mandate with Addvision ?

No, the client can revoke the mandate with no penalties at any time.

Does the client need to sell his current holdings to work with Addvision ?

No, the client keeps his portfolio constituents as they are and the future restructuring will be agreed mutually.